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A Sterling reputation for care and attention.

SRO doesn’t merely own buildings. We own, manage, and steward a portfolio of properties with the care and attention only a locally-owned real estate development and management company can bring. Yes, local management is rare for a portfolio as large as SRO’s. But so is our commitment to service.

When property needs arise, it’s an SRO employee who picks up the phone, and an SRO engineer who fields the request.

Unlike many owners who delegate tasks to third-party management companies, SRO’s Rolodex mimics a holiday card list: employees and friends 110 years in the making.

Tenant Portal

To access your account, maintenance questions or to notify SRO of something that requires our attention, please go to the Tenant Portal.


Maintenance Team

Del Henry  Director of Engineering

Lupe Gabaldon  Senior Chief Engineer

Chris Hunt  Chief Engineer

John Farrell  Building Engineer

Darin Hawk  Building Engineer

Tracy Mitchell  Building Engineer

David Springstead  Building Engineer